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CALL Scotland

Communication and Assistive Technology for People with Disabilities

ICT and Literacy Seminar

Edinburgh - 29th January 2015

The event will explore how technology can be used to support learners with additional support needs in assessment of literacy skills.

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The Scottish Children's Book Awards

An innovative nationwide reading project.

CALL Scotland has worked with the Scottish Book Trust and the authors and publishers to create accessible digital versions of the nine shortlisted books.

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Curriculum for Excellence

Can you be a :

  • Successful learner - if you can't read books and learning materials?
  • Confident individual - if you depend on others to read or write for you?
  • Responsible citizen - if you don't have access to information?
  • An effective contributor - if you can't communicate?

Read on to see how we can help.

Books for All

Accessible Curriculum Materials for Students with ASN.

Books for All is about learning materials in accessible, alternative formats, for people who have difficulty reading ordinary printed books.

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Some of our main services

We run our own programme of courses and in-service training.

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Loans for communication, to individuals with disabilities.

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For individual children and young people in Scotland with ASN.

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Our current projects which include: Digital Exams and Books for All.

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Upcoming Professional Learning

Implementing Digital Exams and Assessments

This course addresses the use of ICT in SQA external examinations and also for internal assessments, such as National Literacy Units, given that reade....

  • Date: Thursday, 5th February

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Our latest blog post

AAC courses in Scotland, in March 2015 - book now!

Good news for AAC folk - there are TWO upcoming courses  - in March 2015 - that promise be not only valuable and interesting but also FREE! ....

  • Posted: 22nd January 2015

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Upcoming webinar

ICT and Literacy Seminar

This event is aimed at English teachers, Support for Learning staff and managers involved in additional support needs. Human readers and scribes cannot be used in the assessment of reading and writing....

  • Date: Thursday, 29th January

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Upcoming event

Sorry, there are no other events at present.

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Case study

Ella's Story

Ella is a 5 year old girl who communicates using a combination of vocalisation, gesture, pointing to symbols, and her own gestures / signs. However, it is very difficult to understand her communication out of context.

Read more on our communication aid case study

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An open-access reference library within the centre. Some books, journal articles, videos and other material can be borrowed. Such as:

Research & Development

Learning materials in accessible, alternative formats.

Read more about Books for All

Digital versions of SQA exam papers.

Read more about Digital Exams

Free speech-to-text plug-in developed for Microsoft Word.

Read more about WordTalk

A very high quality Scottish synthetic voice.

Read more about the Scottish Voice